Montessori Pre-School

When a person walks into a Montessori Classroom, all the little heads are busy doing their individual pieces of work - some are sitting at their colourful table doing exercises in practical life - polishing a mirror, peeling a carrot etc. Some are doing work with colours; some are on the floor; on a mat, doing the “pink tower” or “broad stairs”. Others are painting; playing with the farm or in the library and each piece of work is of equal importance.

They are learning how to learn - with each piece of equipment there is a purpose so that they can learn from it.

The Montessori Pre-School caters for children from 3 years of age up to 5.

Toddler Group

Toddler GroupThe Toddler Group caters for children from 2 years old. Toddlers are constantly on the go. The children are introduced to arts and crafts and daily schedule of activities.

The programme delivered in the Toddler Group is age appropriate. We recognise that children are young and it is their first experience of a school structure. Children are softly introduced to the Montessori curriculum. This will prepare the children for the Montessori Pre-School classroom.

Contact Us

Co. Wicklow

Tel: 087 681 4867
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Opening Hours

The Breakfast club starts at 8am, Toddler Group and Montessori Pre-school start at 9.30am, After-School starts at 12.30pm Monday through Friday during term time. We close at 6pm.


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