Ballyflanigan Montessori

At Ballyflanigan Montessori your child is greeted by a kind, inviting, well-prepared Montessori environment where they will be guided through the change of leaving home to a learning environment which is created by us within the classroom.

Montessori Pre-School ChildWe cater for children from 2 years of age up to 5 (toilet trained is not a requirement) and from 3 years of age to 11 in our After School.

Children from all backgrounds are welcome on a non-denominational, co-educational basis.

Ballyflanigan Montessori was founded by Ingrid Kane in September 1996, first in her own home, later in St. Kevin's Hall, Dunganstown. Ballyflanigan Montessori Pre-School opened in The Methodist Church, Arklow in September 2002.

In September 2009 Ballyflanigan Montessori Pre-School and Toddler Group moved from Arklow to Barnacleagh. The business has extended to include a Breakfast Club and an After-School service.

Why Montessori?

In the Montessori classroom the child learns to look after themselves, they take care of their own materials. They learn to help each other, to take turns and to communicate well. Through this they learn to keep focused and concentrate. They are learning to love learning which will put them in a strong position for their bright futures.

Contact Us

Co. Wicklow

Tel: 087 681 4867
Email: Click Here

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Opening Hours

The Breakfast club starts at 8am, Toddler Group and Montessori Pre-school start at 9.30am, After-School starts at 12.30pm Monday through Friday during term time. We close at 6pm.


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